3 Methods to Prevent Your Pet Hedgehog from Smelling [Guide]


Hedgehogs – these little creatures are a bundle of quills, cuteness, and curiosity. But one question often prickles the minds of potential hedgehog owners and curious minds alike – do hedgehogs smell?

Well, the quick answer is: Yes, they do. But it’s not that straightforward, as there’s more to the story, which we’ll explore in this post.

Quick Answer

Yes, hedgehogs do have a smell, but it’s usually not overpowering. The extent of the smell can depend on various factors like their diet, health, cleanliness, and the care they receive.

Knowing that the smell isn’t typically a “bad” odor is crucial. Instead, it’s a unique, somewhat musky scent that’s specific to hedgehogs.

Now, does this mean your room or house will also start smelling like a hedgehog? Not necessarily. Good pet hygiene and regular cleaning can help manage any pet odors, including those from our spiky friends.

Why Do Hedgehogs Smell?

Every animal has a distinct scent, and hedgehogs are no exception. Here are some reasons behind their unique aroma:

Natural Odor

Just like dogs or cats, hedgehogs have their natural smell. It’s a mild, musky scent that isn’t generally unpleasant. It’s simply their body odor, much like each human has a unique smell.

Marking Territory

Hedgehogs have scent glands, especially on the sides of their body and underside. They use these glands to mark their territory. The secretions from these glands contribute to the overall smell of a hedgehog.

Health Conditions

Sometimes, a hedgehog might smell more than usual due to certain health conditions. For instance, skin infections, dental problems, or gastrointestinal issues can cause a change in their odor.

If you notice an unusual or strong smell from your hedgehog, consulting with a vet might be a good idea.

Does the Smell Affect Their Suitability as Pets?

Let’s face it: no pet is completely odorless, and hedgehogs are no different. But does their smell affect their suitability as pets? In short, no.

The natural musky scent of a hedgehog is usually not strong enough to deter people from keeping them as pets.

Many pet owners grow to appreciate the unique aroma of their spiky friends, associating it with the charm and personality of the animal.

Plus, when given proper care and hygiene, the smell should not be overpowering or particularly bothersome.

Now, if you’re particularly sensitive to smells or are worried about keeping your home fresh while owning a hedgehog, you might be wondering, “Do hedgehogs make room smell?

The good news is, maintaining a fresh-smelling home with a pet hedgehog is entirely possible with some proactive steps.

Handling Hedgehog Odor in Your Home

Now that we’ve established that hedgehogs have a distinct smell and that it doesn’t necessarily mean your home will smell like them, let’s explore some tried-and-true methods to handle any hedgehog-related odor.

Method 1. Proper Cage Cleaning

The most effective way to manage pet odor, including hedgehogs, is to clean their living quarters. A soiled cage can contribute significantly to any smell associated with your pet hedgehog.

Cleaning the cage regularly, at least once a week, and removing waste daily can keep unpleasant odors at bay.

Method 2. Using Pet-Safe Deodorizers

Pet-safe deodorizers are available to help manage any residual smell in the pet’s area. They neutralize the odors instead of just masking them. Remember to choose products that are safe for use around hedgehogs.

Method 3. Regular Hedgehog Bathing

Giving your hedgehog regular baths can also help manage their smell. However, it’s important to note that too frequent baths can dry out their skin. So, aim for a balance based on your hedgehog’s needs and activity level.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1: Do hedgehogs smell bad?

While hedgehogs do have a distinct scent, it’s not typically described as a “bad” smell. It’s more of a unique, somewhat musky odor. The strength of the smell can depend on factors like diet, hygiene, and health conditions.

Q2: Do hedgehogs make room smell?

Not necessarily. A well-cared-for hedgehog in a clean living environment shouldn’t make your room smell. Regular cage cleaning, pet-safe deodorizers, and occasional hedgehog baths can help keep any odors in check.

Q3: Are hedgehogs high maintenance due to their smell?

No, the smell of a hedgehog doesn’t make them high maintenance. While you might need to take some steps to manage the odor, such as regular cage cleaning and bathing, these are standard care practices for most pets.


And there you have it! We’ve explored why hedgehogs smell, discussed whether their odor affects their suitability as pets, and even uncovered some effective ways to manage any hedgehog-related smells in your home.

Hedgehogs are unique pets with their own quirks, including their distinctive smell. While their scent might be noticeable, it doesn’t typically deter people from keeping these adorable creatures as pets.

With proper care, a balanced diet, and regular cleaning, you can ensure that any odors stay manageable and don’t overpower your home. So, don’t let the worry of a little smell deter you from enjoying the company of these spiky, lovable creatures!

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