How Often Do Hedgehogs Poop & Pee? [Bathroom Frequencies]


So, you’ve got a prickly little buddy, or maybe you plan to get one. With their cute button noses and spiky coats, hedgehogs are an absolute joy to have around.

But let’s address a less glamorous but vital aspect of pet ownership: bathroom habits. If you’re wondering how often do hedgehogs poop and pee, you’re not alone. It’s an essential part of understanding their health and behavior.

Quick Answer: How Often Do Hedgehogs Poop and Pee?

Here’s the straightforward scoop (pun intended!) – hedgehogs usually poop and pee multiple times daily. A healthy hedgehog might poop 3 to 5 times daily and urinate even more frequently.

But remember, this can vary based on factors like diet, hydration, exercise, and even the hedgehog’s age.

It’s essential to understand that every hedgehog is unique, and what’s normal for one might not be for another.

So, instead of sticking to rigid numbers, pay attention to your hedgehog’s habits, looking out for sudden changes that might signal potential health issues.

Understanding Hedgehog Biology: The Digestive System and Why It Matters

Hedgehogs, like many mammals, have a digestive system that starts with their mouth and ends with the rectum. Their diet, mainly insects, fruits, and small animals in the wild, influences their digestive and excretion processes.

Their diet largely impacts Hedgehog Excretion. For pet hedgehogs, it’s a mix of commercial hedgehog food, insects, fruits, and vegetables.

The nutrients are absorbed in their small intestine, while indigestible components pass into the large intestine and then excreted as feces.

When it comes to urine, it’s produced in the hedgehog’s kidneys, responsible for filtering out waste from the blood. This liquid waste travels down the ureters into the bladder, from where it’s expelled.

So why does this matter? An understanding of a hedgehog’s biology can help pet owners identify signs of abnormality.

Significant changes in the frequency, consistency, or color of your hedgehog’s poop and pee can be the first signs of health issues, from diet problems to serious ailments.

Normal Bathroom Habits of a Healthy Hedgehog

Hedgehogs are creatures of habit, and their bathroom routines are no different. Let’s delve into the details.

  • Frequency and Timing: On average, a healthy hedgehog might defecate anywhere from 3 to 5 times a day, while urination could be more frequent. An interesting fact is that they often do their business during or after their exercise period, which for these nocturnal animals, is typically at night.

  • Quantity and Consistency: The quantity of poop a hedgehog produces can vary based on their diet. The feces of a healthy hedgehog are typically firm and dark brown in color. Urine is usually clear to light yellow. If you notice that your hedgehog’s poop is soft, watery, or green, or if the urine is darker, these could be signs of potential health issues.

What Influences a Hedgehog’s Bathroom Habits?

You’d be surprised by how much various factors can influence your little friend’s bathroom habits. Here are the main ones:

  • Diet: What goes in must come out, right? The type and amount of food your hedgehog consumes can significantly influence its excretion. A balanced diet, rich in protein and fiber, will contribute to healthy, regular bowel movements.

  • Hydration: Water plays a crucial role in ensuring smooth digestion and the proper consistency of feces. It also affects the frequency and color of your hedgehog’s urine. Insufficient water intake can lead to dehydration, resulting in less frequent urination or darker-colored urine.

  • Exercise: Physical activity can stimulate bowel movements in hedgehogs. An active hedgehog is likely to have more regular bowel movements than a less active one.

  • Environment: Stress from environmental changes, such as moving to a new home or even slight temperature fluctuations, can affect a hedgehog’s bathroom habits.

  • Age: Younger hedgehogs tend to eat more and poop and pee more frequently than older ones.

Irregularities in a Hedgehog’s Bathroom Habits and When to Worry

Although variations in your hedgehog’s bathroom habits can be entirely normal, drastic changes or concerning symptoms may warrant a closer look.

Here’s what you should keep an eye out for:

  • Changes in Frequency: If your hedgehog suddenly starts pooping or peeing more or less frequently than usual, it may be cause for concern. Changes in diet, stress, or underlying health issues could be potential reasons.

  • Changes in Consistency or Color: The consistency and color of your hedgehog’s poop and pee can tell you a lot about its health. Poop that’s too hard or too soft, or a strange color, could indicate a problem. Similarly, dark, strong-smelling urine may suggest dehydration or a urinary tract problem.

  • Straining or Discomfort: If your hedgehog seems to be having difficulty or appears uncomfortable while pooping or peeing, this could indicate a health issue, such as constipation or a urinary tract infection.

Managing Your Hedgehog’s Bathroom Habits: Cleaning and Maintenance

Keeping your hedgehog’s living space clean is a critical part of pet ownership. Here are some tips to manage those prickly bathroom habits:

  • Regular Cleaning: Clean the cage daily to remove any poop or pee. This not only keeps the cage smelling fresh, but it also prevents the growth of harmful bacteria that could make your hedgehog sick.

  • Litter Training: Yes, you read that right! Hedgehogs can be litter trained. This can make cleaning easier and reduce the smell. Remember to use non-clumping and dust-free litter to prevent any respiratory issues.

  • Bathing: Giving your hedgehog regular baths can help keep them clean and prevent any smells. However, please don’t overdo it as too much bathing can dry out their skin.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where do pet hedgehogs poop?

Pet hedgehogs aren’t particular about where they do their business. They might poop while running on their exercise wheel, exploring their cage, or even outside during playtime.

However, some hedgehogs can be trained to use a litter box, making cleaning easier!

How often do hedgehogs poop during the night?

As nocturnal creatures, hedgehogs are most active during the night. So, it’s quite common for them to poop and pee more frequently during their active hours. Some might even have a habit of pooping during or after exercise.

Does hedgehog poop stink?

Poop is poop, and it doesn’t usually smell like roses. But hedgehog poop shouldn’t have an overly strong or offensive odor. If you notice an unusually foul smell, it could indicate a health issue or a diet problem.

Consider visiting a vet or adjusting your hedgehog’s diet.


Understanding and managing your hedgehog’s bathroom habits can initially feel a bit overwhelming. But it becomes a lot easier with a little observation and knowledge about their biology.

Regularity in their poop and pee patterns is usually a good sign. Any significant changes should be a prompt for further investigation.

Your hedgehog’s diet, hydration, exercise, environment, and age are essential in determining their bathroom habits. But each hedgehog is unique, so what’s normal for one might not be for another.

Keeping a clean and comfortable environment for your pet hedgehog is crucial. Regular cleaning and potential litter training can make this task more manageable.

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