15 Fun Games You Can Play with Your Pet Hedgehog


Pet hedgehogs have a way of burrowing into our hearts with their unique personalities and playful antics. But what makes hedgehogs special playmates?

It’s not just their adorable appearance; it’s also their curiosity and willingness to explore. Importance of playtime with hedgehogs cannot be overstated.

Engaging with your hedgehog through games can help bond and keep their minds sharp.

While we typically associate games with dogs or cats, hedgehogs have their unique ways of having fun. Playing games with your pet hedgehog isn’t only entertaining; it’s an essential part of their care.

Understanding Hedgehog Play Behavior

Hedgehogs are unique creatures, and their behavior differs from other household pets. Understanding their playfulness and preferences is important to ensure an enjoyable and safe playtime experience.

Recognizing Playfulness in Hedgehogs

Just like humans, hedgehogs have moods too! They might nuzzle against your hand or eagerly explore a new toy. These signs indicate that your hedgehog is in the mood to play.

Safety Considerations and Precautions

Safety comes first when playing with your pet hedgehog. Always use toys and games suitable for hedgehogs, avoiding small parts that could be choking hazards.

What can you play with a hedgehog?

The answer lies in using toys and setups that promote exploration and satisfy their natural curiosity. From tunnels to gentle handling, games you can play with your pet hedgehog should be safe, stimulating, and hedgehog-approved.

How do you play with a pet hedgehog?

It starts with understanding their behavior, using appropriate toys, and knowing when your hedgehog is in the mood for fun. Always monitor playtime to ensure that your hedgehog is enjoying itself.

Engaging Games You Can Play with Your Hedgehog

Here are 15 exciting games that you and your hedgehog can enjoy together. These activities have been carefully chosen to ensure they are safe, enjoyable, and hedgehog-friendly.

1. Hedgehog’s Maze Adventure: Designing a maze using cardboard and safe materials can lead to hours of exploration for your hedgehog.

2. The Tunnels of Fun: Hedgehogs love to burrow. Create a tunnel system using tubes and watch them have a blast!

3. Ball and Treat Discovery: Hide treats in special balls and watch your hedgehog’s excitement as they discover the hidden goodies.

4. The Blanket Game: Place your hedgehog on a blanket and lift the edges gently, allowing them to explore a new terrain.

5. Toilet Paper Tube Challenge: Slide a treat inside a toilet paper tube and watch them figure out how to get to it.

6. Scent Exploration: Use different non-toxic scents on toys and let your hedgehog follow the trail.

7. The Digging Pit: Fill a shallow container with soil and hide treats for a digging adventure.

8. Mirror Reflection Play: Allow your hedgehog to explore its reflection in a safe, non-breakable mirror.

9. Rolling Ramp Game: A gentle ramp with a rolling treat ball can make for an exciting chase.

10. Handheld Treat Trails: Create a trail of treats on your palm and let your hedgehog follow the path.

11. Bubbling Excitement: Non-toxic bubbles can create a magical experience for your hedgehog.

12. The Food Hunt: Hide their favorite food in different parts of the play area.

13. Musical Hedgehog Dance: Soft music can lead to a gentle dance with your hedgehog.

14. Hide and Seek with Toys: Hide toys and let your hedgehog find them using their keen sense of smell.

15. A Gentle Splash in the Bath: A shallow water play with floating toys can be refreshing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1: Is it safe to play with my hedgehog outside?

A1: Playing outside can be a fun experience, but keeping your hedgehog in a secure enclosure is essential to prevent escape or potential harm from other animals.

Q2: What toys are safe for hedgehogs?

A2: Always choose toys that don’t have small parts that can be chewed off. Safe materials like untreated wood, sturdy plastic, and soft fabrics can be excellent choices.

Q3: How long should I play with my hedgehog each day?

A3: Playtime can vary depending on your hedgehog’s personality. Generally, 30 minutes to an hour of interactive play is beneficial.

Q4: Can children play with hedgehogs?

A4: Children can enjoy playing with hedgehogs with adult supervision and proper handling. Educate them about gentle handling and hedgehog behavior.

Q5: How do I know if my hedgehog is stressed during play?

A5: Signs of stress may include curling into a ball, hissing, or trying to escape. It’s best to give them a break if you notice these behaviors.

Q6: Can hedgehogs play with other pets?

A6: Hedgehogs are solitary animals, and interactions with other pets should be closely supervised or avoided to prevent stress or injury.

Q7: What if my hedgehog doesn’t seem interested in playing?

A7: Hedgehogs have individual personalities. If they seem uninterested in play, try different toys or games, and ensure they are healthy and comfortable.


Playing games with your pet hedgehog can be a rewarding and joyous experience, bringing you closer to your adorable little friend.

From intricate mazes to simple treat discovery, the variety of games we’ve explored ensures endless entertainment and bonding moments.

Remember, every hedgehog is unique, and the key to a successful playtime is understanding their preferences, observing their behavior, and being mindful of their well-being.

Whether it’s a digging pit adventure or a gentle dance to soft music, the fun you share with your hedgehog is sure to create lasting memories.

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